Preprinted Laser Forms

1099-MISC and 1099-R Laser Forms
1099 picture
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1099-MISC 2up Federal Copy A Pink
1099-MISC 2up Recipient Copy B
1099-MISC 2up Payer Copy C
1099-MISC 2up State Copy 1
1099-MISC 2up Recipient State Copy 2
1099-MISC 3up Copies B/B/2
1099-MISC 4up Copies B/B/2/2

1099-R Federal Copy A
1099-R Payer or State Copy 1
1099-R Recipient Federal Copy B
1099-R Recipient State Copy 2
1099-R Recipient File Copy C
1099-R Condensed 3up Copies B/2/C
1099-R Condensed 4up Copies B/2/2/C

1099, 1098 and 5498 Laser Forms

1099-INT Recipient Copy B
1099-INT Payer or State Copy C
1099-A Federal Copy A
1099-A Borrower Copy B
1099-A Filer or State Copy C
1099-B Federal Copy A
1099-B Recipient Copy B
1099-B Payer or State Copy C

1099-C Federal Copy A
1099-C Debtor Copy B
1099-C Creditor Copy C
1099-LTC Federal Copy A
1099-MSA Federal Copy A

1099-OID Federal Copy A
1099-OID Recipient Copy B
1099-OID Payer Copy C
1099-PATR Federal Copy A
1099-PATR Recipient Copy B

1099-Q Recipient Copy B
1099-Q Payer or State Copy C
1099-S Federal Copy A
1099-S Transferor Copy B
1099-S Filer or State Copy C

1098 Federal Copy A
1098 Recipient Copy C
1098 Payer Copy B
1098-E Federal Copy A
1098-E Borrower Copy B
1098-E Recipient Copy C
1098-T Federal Copy A
1098-T Student Copy B
1098-T Filer Copy C

5498 Federal Copy A
5498 Participant Copy B
5498 Trustee or Issuer Copy C
5498-MSA Federal Copy A

1096 Transmittals


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